Community Guidelines

Server Rules
  1. Respect other players and staff
  2. No Griefing/Trolling of any kind
  3. Bug abuse and hacks are not allowed
  4. No spamming adversting, or links in chat
  5. Do not beg players or staff for items, ranks etc
  6. PVP is not allowed unless both parties agree
  7. Max of 8 mob spawners placed per player
  8. No scamming in trades
  9. No offensive IGN or adversting IGN
  10. No offensive skins

Site Rules
  1. Do not make more than one account.
  2. Do not bully/harass members.
  3. Do not spam.
  4. Do not LQ post.
  5. Do not post or discuss black-hat activity.
  6. Do not misuse the report system.
  7. Do not use misleading thread titles.
  8. Do not advertise and/or discuss other forum sites.
  9. Do not ban evade.
  10. Do not try to phish members.
  11. Do not post adult/shock content.
  12. Do not post racism.
  13. Do not discuss harming servers or it's members.
Please be aware of the following.Rules and policies are always applicable to change at any time.